Quantum-led businesses are the new luxury.

It’s time to put down the Shadow Alchemy and Shadow Work and manifestation methods and meditations.
Stop aligning to your ideal clients, stop copying marketing strategies and stop building your spiritual business their way.
Stop adding bonuses because someone asked for them.
Stop giving extra support because someone requires it when you didn’t intend on it. Stop changing call times and schedules and shit to suit them.
The minute you align to any one of your clients, you turn the magnetic light switch OFF in your Genius field – and now you’re no longer the point.
What you’re crafting is no longer the point.
The CLIENT is now the point.
You have just made the new-age-old mistake of aligning to an outside frequency (this is the whole, let me just align to $100k or a Mercedes or a new house thing).

Wondering why you’ve lost passion for your spiritual business?

Unsure of why no one seems to give a fuck to pay you? 

Banging your head wondering why your posts and content move no one?
It’s because you lost the point. The quantum point.
This is why you think you need to “tweak” your business. Most of the time, it’s not because you’re actually done with things (like 1:1s, live offers, etc). It’s because YOU’RE BORED.
And you’re BORED because you left YOUR quantum point in order to align to every other fucking person on this planet.
Let me put it this way:
Quantum Businesses don’t align to ideal clients. We craft them. We DESIGN a pathway for them to hear the call. We don’t listen to theirs.
There is a body-level coding mechanism that you have available to you to INFLUENCE THE GRID and DESIGN your clients.
There is a set of ingredients in your body that you can use to send out a bright AF BAT SIGNAL to exactly the clients who need you – who will instantly be ready to pay you without needing to even know who the fuck you are.
Because they will KNOW who you are in their body.
Stop with the heart-led business, make a u-turn to your QUANTUM-LED LUXURY.
One that energy workers have seemingly moved so far away from because they’ve processed TRUE Power as Shadow.

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I'm Sonika A., your alchemical hostess, and I'll be walking you through the new energy modality on the block that's going to change how you see your business, money and the world - for good.

Over the course of 8 years, I have studied deeply under the most cutting-edge spiritual gurus on the planet, and have dismantled Law of Attraction methods to discover how to build an abundant business in my own unique way. What finally set me free from obsessive journaling, affirmations, visualization and vision boards… was understanding the Quantum realm.​

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