Welcome to Prestige Academy.

Prestige. Full of trickery. Illusion. Deception. The casting of spells.

The journey of this word from a state of pure alchemical magic, to a buttoned-up, elite experience is profound.

It’s also not surprising since the worlds of magic and wealth are VERY connected. The connection between these two frequencies has been the essence of my work since 2015.

Money quite literally embodies the exact same qualities and traits as magic itself. It is equivalent to what occurs in the magical world of myth, where you simply wave a wand, able to create whatever you want. 

 A lot of people tend to argue with me on this – but if you just look a little closer, past all the low-frequency distorted stunts most people pull with money… you will see its magic. You will see it as evidence of the magic current running in your veins.

And my work is ultimately to free you from the mundane, limited view of money codes so you can have the LUXURY to experience wealth in every form.

We begin our journey by unraveling the energy of money into solitary ingredients that we can consciously transform and upgrade into more powerful frequencies, so we can create exactly what we desire, exactly when we desire it.

To experience these ingredients of consciousness, we must travel into the labyrinth of the archetypes.

Each archetype has a specific function and dances around in your psyche and body, producing specifically the codes that it is responsible for. If your Shadow archetypes are active, your field is going to hold much more distortion (lack of power) than if the Power / Genius / Hyper archetypes were active.

Archetypes transform you through alchemical processes. It’s happening every single second. When you enter the Land of the Archetypes for yourself and study each one deeply, you’ll quickly learn that YOU are the master of these transformational processes, ultimately allowing you to create more money, sales and luxury in your life – and this time… it won’t be by accident.

About Me

Hi, I'm Sonika.

I’ve been traveling down the spiritual manifestation rabbit hole for 8 years. Starting my journey at the tender age of 23, doe-eyed and excited, it felt like I was being let in on some age-old secret and life was about to become magically easy.

Magical? Yes.

Easy? Far from it.

See, I didn’t just want to learn how to use the Law of Attraction correctly when I signed up to work under the greatest spiritual gurus on the planet (quickly becoming one of the top consultants worldwide for some of them) – oh no, I wanted the secret keys to the Universe’s purest coding system.

Because it does have a coding system. It has an entire back-end mechanism that sits beyond the veil that we can see right now, one that you can learn to master, and then manipulate at will to create your reality.

And I wish it were as easy as Ask, Believe, Receive.

I wish it was as simple as Inner Child work and Shadow Work. The Universe is anything but that. 

The concepts that came and went had to boil us down to Light & Love beings that followed a single template of consciousness – which had us believing there was one, singular correct way to create money in our business.

Until we started to pretty much erase all traces of our flaws and quirks, everything that made us unique (or dare we say, everything that made you the Outcast in your society) and we slowly began to lose our own individuated choices, dreams, purpose and Genius.

This is where I had seen the New Era of Consciousness – and a new kind of business success – start to make an appearance. I also saw that archetypal consciousness was about to take over the world.

So let me welcome you to the Land of the Archetypes, as well as give you a word of warning that studying the archetypes is basically equivalent to taking the red pill and waking up from the Matrix.

There are 16 archetypes spread across 4 master channels within your body: Soul, Spirit, Body, Mind.

And when I say that these archetypes govern your every thought, belief and action… I’m not exaggerating. They are the raw materials of consciousness that all of us have at our disposal, and learning about them means you can finally learn how these archetypes specifically show up for you in your life.

What strange alchemical processes are taking place in your business?

Is the Blind Seer taking charge of your sales? Maybe it’s the Worthless Gem. You might also have the Prostitute archetype sneaking around, not letting you actually speak your mind and refusing to let you commit to building a super successful business.

When I first applied the archetypes to my business, the entire trajectory of my life changed. I had been trying to achieve a six-figure cash month in business for five years… and I did it in three weeks once I got my hands on the back-end codes of consciousness. 

I can instantly look at someone I’m speaking to and know exactly what their core archetype is, therefore being able to give them the exact alchemical dose to change their life for good. This is real business magic.

And I can’t wait for you to learn more about it.

To begin, let’s activate your Magician archetype some more and unveil all the places money is currently hiding in your business with my free Cash Injection training.

Meet Sonika Asif

Business Alchemist

Well-known for her ability to make even the most magical spiritual teachings practical and applicable to everyday life, Sonika has spent years working closely with true masters in the field of spirituality and the Law of Attraction. 

As she traveled deeper through the spirituality wormhole, she discovered the magic of archetypal consciousness and realized one of the core missing links to manifestation. She stepped out from under her mentors and set off to build her own business, using the power of archetypes, astrology and bodywork. This resulted in a multi-million dollar business in a matter of months. 

Today she teaches clients the process of archetypal alchemy in order to build a successful business, master the art of manifestation and quantum leap their sales.