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The Law of Attraction and New Age Spirituality community are rampant with methods, strategies and techniques that claim to help you raise your vibration.

It’s either visualizing or meditating or journaling or a Gratitude rock.

It’s vision boards and writing cheques and spending every waking moment being aware of every fucking thought (because God forbid one gets by your barrier of awareness and shakes your entire world.)

I was deep in the world of Law of Attraction, as a top consultant for the biggest spiritual leaders on the planet.

I saw everything – how multimillion dollar spiritual businesses were built with Law of Attraction as their go-to……. and I saw the lack of standards, mastery and integrity that came with it.

When you understand how energy works, you can guarantee consistent manifestation. The problem? The Secret, LOA, and New Age Spirituality falls short.

I have seen time and time again the ridiculous spiritual junk food that comes out of most spiritual gurus, and it shocked me every time how the Law of Attraction didn’t seem to work like a law at all.

What you want, is to be able to predict your creation. What you want is the ability to stand real fucking still in your power no matter what.

And what you want is to get your hands on the raw materials of the Universe and craft your own damn world with your very own laws – and have them actually work for a change.

I want to clue you in on probably the BIGGEST flaw with most teachings around law of attraction and manifestation:

They claim you are the source of your personal power and yet they have no idea how to help you access it.

So – you end up giving your power to them. And get stuck in a rut of needing all these gurus to repeat things in your ear all day long.

You listen to them while cooking. While sleeping. While eating. While meditating. While showering.

And you’ve lost sight of the entire point of your seeking journey – which was ALWAYS about being your OWN source of power.

You have no clue who you are without them.

See this as your wake up call.

When you understand how to work with the archetypes of consciousness:

You don’t need to meditate all day.

You don’t need to repeat affirmations all day.

You don’t need to listen to anything on repeat.

You will discover your UNIQUE tone of truth that will activate your specific source of creative power.

Because for once, you’re going to be actually LIVING YOUR LIFE while practicing mastery instead of locking yourself in a room trying to raise your vibration.

It’s time to face the truth of who you are and find out what you’re made of. Without the current crutch of the New Age.

And produce $115,000 months like my private client.

Or manifest over $36,000 in sales in just 7 days like my other client.

Or create a $562,000 sales month like I’ve done in the past.

Not to mention, extreme changes in health, releasing of addiction and overnight transformation of relationships have occurred.

Finally, from your own infinite stash of PERSONAL POWER.

This is your exclusive invite to access my treasure trove of 50+ trainings, courses, music activations and so much more - that I've designed precisely for you to master the art of archetypal alchemy and finally create massive results in your business that leaves you feeling like the powerful creator that you are.

The Prestige Academy Membership is the only space on the planet that is designed to help you master the archetypes in your psyche and give you exclusive access to the VIP Lounge of consciousness.

I don’t sacrifice magic. I don’t sacrifice money. I don’t sacrifice heart-felt gratitude. And I don’t sacrifice luxury. I don’t apologize for having it all, creating it all, and owning it all.

I can show you how to cast a spell of creation while earning money. I can show you how to write a powerful marketing post while working with the planets. I can show you how to bring the worlds of magic and money together and never feel like you need to choose one or the other ever again.

Here are some epic results that my clients have experienced inside the Academy:

Shasta T.

Just a couple months ago I declared that I wanted to birth “defector brands” and create elegant and profitable quiz funnels. Sonika asked me what I wanted my clients to experience in this new biz… And, it became THE question that guided it and all the accompanying work / offers.

My very first client launched her quiz funnel a month ago and closed over $1 Million dollars from this funnel… in less than 30 days!!!!!! You can imagine our delight. The irony / magic is instead of creating “targets”, I coached her to allow me and my team to create an alluring EXPERiENCE for her Dream Clients that would have them salivating to work with her at the highest level…and that’s exactly what happened. I think she’s actually in shock.

I have 3 more “euphoric experiences” aka quiz funnels delivering in December for other clients and I am trying not to get hooked into results like this, and instead stay in enthusiastic expectation and joy…Also want to share this success and thank Sonika for a potent question that evolved everything.

Tracy P.

My share for today – the remaining 100K of my brother’s incredible gift to me is in my hands. Also wanted to share that one beautiful client had a reunion with her daughter (16) after two and a half years of not seeing or hearing from her due to parental alienation. When I started working with this mom, she didn’t even understand what was happening. She followed my instructions to the T, including communicating energetically with her daughter by “flow writing”, sending regular Telegram messages even if the child never writes back and sending books and cards to her in the mail.

In just 8 weeks, this woman has knocked it out of the park and had a fabulous first meeting with her daughter that was very affectionate and relaxed, and even got an invitation to meet her again next week for lunch. The other client is working Bach Flower Alchemy with me and told me today she had alchemized a shadow that’s been messing with her physical relationship with her husband for over 25 years. She busted it, it’s gone. 4 weeks of work beats years of therapy!

This work is so impactful, and it’s really true that you get to recognize the tone of the archetypes – it’s so clear to me when I’m working, I don’t even have to think about it, I can just feel it. This is the most fun I’ve ever had as a “healer”, if you can even call it that anymore.

Sylvia S.

Shortly after waking up yesterday I had a vision in the colours of Prestige Academy telling me it was my Birthday. There was confetti, Hip Hooray and everything. It even flaunted my birthdate as if it was ‘today’. As an Alchemist, I was down with that.

I had been holding tension for a few days for the next perfect offer to come in for one of my clients as I had nothing to offer them at this time that felt like a match, while also having some investments to cover, which I set clear boundaries for to keep that out of the equation. I obviously want my clients to have the most purely coded experience possible, and this in particular I felt like I was able to massively sharpen after making contact with this space here. It’s not like wanting to cover investments of any kind and pure coding can’t coexist, it’s just all in the way of it. All of my investments also greatly benefit my clients.

As the day went on I forgot it was my second Birthday, but last night something suddenly landed as I was looking at something they wrote me. Codes appeared elegantly and effortlessly for them, my body playing host to the myth for a few short seconds, as details started raining down from the sky like feathery diamonds.

I made the sale within minutes ($2500). Thanks, Prestige Academy!

Erszebet R.

The results of my New Moon ritual have arrived. I have no business, I live on a simple wage as a pharmacist. On Sunday I started my ritual, listened to the Edge of Silence activation and while I drank my little hot chocolate I wished for the New Moon. Love, harmony for myself, for my loved ones. And then money, I thought, why not? “My mortgage is going away” – that’s what I saw in my mind’s eye on my bank account. (Which was very favourable by the way, but of course it’s better to have no credit) Then today my husband called me to say that his mum had walked into the Bank this week and paid off our loan. Converted to $11,000 !!!! Yes! He never said that was his plan. Unbelievable and true! It was done in 5 days! I am very happy and excited, what else is possible? It was so illogical! Update: She created another $11,000 shortly after.

Gloria G.

I am not exaggerating if I say that this concept can and will save lives. Literally. If I would have stayed on the light grid (as a coach) for too long, my body would have eventually shut down very soon, I think. I healed so much shit for the collective through my body, meanwhile experiencing tremendous body symptoms if I didn’t “manage my energy” for sometimes hours per day (which is insane)…. I don’t know for how long I could have made it, if I wouldn’t have come across your teachings.

I am also very happy to know and see that this work we are doing here in Prestige Academy and my personal shadow alchemy really show on my body states and balance and they literally heal my body. This is very very important to me because I have suffered so much for years working with many clients, my body sucking up things from them, things from the collective grid, and despite the tremendous clearings and chakra cleansing blablabla, I still suffered from weird symptoms, and this hasn’t been the case at all since I started my unhooking process and shifted onto my sovereign grid in May.

Ashley D.

Okay, so I wanted to share with you after you posted a few days what literally felt like you were calling me out. I signed up for the membership. And it is fucking blowing my mind. I’ve been writing about and getting information for my business around some of the concepts you discussed in the first couple masterclass for months now. Alchemy, the Dark and unhooking, mostly without even understanding what I was downloading and learning the concepts as they’ve been revealed to me. And damn if it’s not revealing to me what I’ve been too scared to do. It’s like you’re giving me answers to the experiences I’m having and the questions I didn’t even ask. Whatever you’re doing is on another level.

Maria P.

I already started thinking differently, feeling differently, less stressed. I listened to Sonika’s first season sessions probably 4 times each as I’m finding more details every time I listen. I also listened to beautiful music created by Naveed which I find very magical and helpful. Just recently things started happening to me once I just randomly think about them. For example, I’m late for a meeting and I wish they could reschedule the meeting. And then I find out the meeting is rescheduled for a more convenient time. 

I wanted to see an old friend who is currently in town for only few days and can only meet on days I can’t. He just sent a message today that actually he can meet today, plans have changed. I want my boyfriend do something for me, just small favours and he does it without me even asking, like he can hear my thoughts. I think of a person and he appears in my life. 

Omg! It’s so crazy! I’m trying to hold still and enjoy magic as Sonika always says.

Susan M.

All of my life, (62yo) I have been anxious, and depressed to various degrees. I also have ADHD. Since joining the Academy I feel that the anxiety and depression are basically gone! Yay!

JoMarie T.

I joined the Academy because I was really intrigued by the activations. I listened to the Violet Flame Activation the first night I had signed up. Then yesterday after having a big prominent shadow of smoking addiction pop up through the day. I realised that the violet flame description seemed perfect for addressing this very shadow. So I intentionally surrendered this shadow last night during my meditation whilst listening to the violet flame activation. Opened myself to receive any frequencies that would facilitate me from the music in overcoming the addiction.

As I have quite a lot of energetic activity within my body during meditation anyway I was interested to see how it would react with the music and I noticed I had a lot of visualisation going on assisting in the release of this shadow using the violet flame. No word of a lie today I can feel the shift in myself regarding this massive shadow. It’s not like it’s gone but there is an element of motivation and courage in me that I could not find before which kept me in victim. It feels like one of its claws have unhooked and I have my choice and power back to kick it if I choose to! Facing it from above the shadow rather than from underneath it is the only way I can describe how it feels now


Charm F.

This really is soooo good Sonika!! Can’t stop binge watching your videos LOL!! it resonates so much because it’s what I’ve already been doing. It’s what I already believe. “Nobody gets to move me. I move me.” My family and relatives got hit by stomach flu one time. It was at least 5 days before they recovered,. It only took me 2 hours! 2 hours!! And I was on my knees throwing up and battling with Child archetype (I think) for at least an hour. Then I shifted to Sovereign (again, I think) then warrior. Two hours later it was completely gone! You’re basically explaining why and how I’m able to do it.

I’ve learned so much from just 1 day of joining. You’re making it easy for me to do it again and again and from now on in a more amplified way! I honestly have so much more evidence and continue to do it now. like I now always have THE best parking wherever I go, groceries, shopping malls, restaurants, etc. Like it’s already given, of course, it’s reserved for me. I always tease my husband when he’s driving I’d point it to him every time, I say “right there at my reserved parking spot.” I’ve increased my consistent monthly income to $30k just by deciding (not sure how else to describe or put words to it). Now I’m just really ready to go bigger or go all in cut crap. It just really excites me!!!

Gemma S.

Sharing how I’ve experienced the new moon & Uranus RX energies. I listened to the Shadow Alchemy & Blind Seer activations a couple of times (which are such epic frequencies, I felt it physically rearranging my body). Literally the next day I had a whole heap of shit come to the surface to be purified , like one after the other – years old family issues (that I thought I’d healed) and friendship patterns blew up.

But instead of reacting from an old paradigm, I was shown THE TRUTH of the situation, It really tested my emotional mastery and me staying in my power over and over again. I really had to be who I said I was. Intense but I didn’t crumble and I actually feel fine now. Before I would have felt physically ill over it all and been emotionally/mentally drained. Talk about liberation! Thank you.

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Will you join me inside this creative land of business magic, where funnels are built on intuition, sales are activated through alchemy, and money is created through archetypal mastery?

  • 50+ Trainings (multiple new trainings added every month!)
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  • Livestreams on  money, business, archetypes, astrology and more
  • Music activations to upgrade your body frequency
  • Complete Shadow / Power / Genius / HyperConscious archetype map
  • …and so much more!


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Meet Sonika Asif

Business Alchemist

Well-known for her ability to make even the most magical spiritual teachings practical and applicable to everyday life, Sonika has spent years working closely with true masters in the field of spirituality and the Law of Attraction. 

As she traveled deeper through the spirituality wormhole, she discovered the magic of archetypal consciousness and realized one of the core missing links to manifestation. She stepped out from under her mentors and set off to build her own business, using the power of archetypes, astrology and bodywork. This resulted in a multi-million dollar business in a matter of months. 

Today she teaches clients the process of archetypal alchemy in order to build a successful business, master the art of manifestation and quantum leap their sales.

Meet Naveed Asif

Conscious Showman

After eight years of diving deep into the Law of Attraction world and working with the best in the personal development industry, Naveed is here to share his journey with you on how he built and escaped his own mental prison which created multiple instances of analysis-paralysis and countless days of waking up with anxiety trying to achieve goal after goal.

He has learned the pitfalls and mistakes that kept him in the prison of his own mind and understood what it means to have TRUE freedom in designing your own life; one that you get to be insanely excited about. Naveed will show you how to break through all the rules that have kept you from fully expressing your true Genius self and what it means to manifest abundance by simply showing up authentically in the world. He’s here to help you create YOUR world stage – your way.

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