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It's time to illuminate yourself.

There was a point in our consciousness evolution that Shadow being the focus of our daily management was important.

This was because we had no choice BUT to be affected by Shadow. We had no choice but to feel its effects, ultimately lose our Power to it, and then have to fight the distortion in the field (that was coming at us constantly by the way) in order to alchemize that Shadow back into Power.

But as we move into the New Earth, I have witnessed first-hand how the fuse for the process of Shadow Alchemy itself has died out. Whether you’re new to this work, or have been doing it for years like me, you may find you just can’t seem to give any more fucks about trying to battle your Shadow.

If this is you, let me clear it up for you right now: You’re not lazy, you aren’t uncommitted and you aren’t sabotaging yourself.

You’re feeling the effects of the New Consciousness, suddenly illuminated and awakened to the possibility that… you were never broken.

And it’s not the unlimited amounts of Shadow in the field that needs your attention. It’s the Power in your body that is hosting the liquid gold.

Shadow Alchemy unlocked Gold in your Mind.

Power Work unlocks Gold in your Body.

And the New Earth Consciousness REALLY doesn’t care about the Mind.

Power Work is the process of activating, manipulating and illuminating the Gold in your body so that you are always standing on your very own fertile imperial ground that becomes THE ONLY point of magnetism for your creations.

Get ready to experience some INSANE results.

  • MODULE ONE: Power work: The Illumination

  • MODULE TWO: The Power Heart

  • MODULE THREE: The Power Crown

  • MODULE FOUR: The Power Throat

  • MODULE FIVE: The Power Plexus

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Meet Sonika Asif

Quantum Business Mentor

Well-known for her ability to make even the most magical spiritual teachings practical and applicable to everyday life, Sonika has spent years working closely with true masters in the field of spirituality and the Law of Attraction. 

As she traveled deeper through the spirituality wormhole, she discovered the magic of archetypal consciousness and realized one of the core missing links to manifestation. She stepped out from under her mentors and set off to build her own business, using the power of archetypes, astrology and bodywork. This resulted in a multi-million dollar business in a matter of months. 

Today she teaches clients the process of archetypal alchemy in order to build a successful business, master the art of manifestation and quantum leap their sales.

Meet Naveed Asif

Conscious Showman

After eight years of diving deep into the Law of Attraction world and working with the best in the personal development industry, Naveed is here to share his journey with you on how he built and escaped his own mental prison which created multiple instances of analysis-paralysis and countless days of waking up with anxiety trying to achieve goal after goal.

He has learned the pitfalls and mistakes that kept him in the prison of his own mind and understood what it means to have TRUE freedom in designing your own life; one that you get to be insanely excited about.

Naveed will show you how to break through all the rules that have kept you from fully expressing your true Genius self and what it means to manifest abundance by simply showing up authentically in the world. He’s here to help you create YOUR world stage – your way.

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