There is a formula to instigating the death of your old self again, and again, and again. This is where quantum leaps are born.

But you’ve been turning back before reaching the other side.

And why wouldn’t you? You’re not only afraid of what you’ll find, but you’re afraid of the guide, the reaper, that is meant to glide you across this gold-diamond coated river.

It’s time to leave behind slow, Old Earth progression, and understand the true codes behind the myth that brings your darkest and lightest sides together into one multidimensional creation.

The sacrifice for Magic is not an easy one.

Most won’t do it too, because it will place you face to face with the exact illusion you’ve been trying to hold onto for dear life.

But you can’t walk through a portal with baggage. Because you can’t walk through a portal with time. Not the need of the past, or fear of the future.

The prize on the other side of River Styx isn’t hell, as most believe.

It’s reaching the shores of a state where your energy body is unhooked from the present moment illusion of space-time. This flips on your blacklight as you fold into your environment, seeing codes within the very energetic walls of the thing you’re trying to create.

This reveals to you the hidden gems in your current reality that you can then use as a “cheat code” to activate your new reality. You always always always have exactly what you need right where you are. When you can see magic everywhere all the time, even amongst the shadows, and achieve a stage of energetic potency, you can find real truth.

There’s a big wave of Plutonian energy hurtling through space towards us right now, meant to upgrade us in ways we can’t understand.

This is Hades energy, as the myths go.

The Underworld is unleashing wildly new codes… and they’re headed straight for Earth.

But don’t worry, this is a good thing. Because the New Earth consciousness is now available to us and it has the ability to INTEGRATE AND AMPLIFY these codes as GENIUS instead of REJECT it as Shadow.

The Matrix begins to reveal itself to you as Pluto directs a specific formula towards Earth, unhooking us from the CONSTRUCT of time, and activating instead the ability to work with real magic (and work with our own definitions of time).

You will be struck very soon with something that will send you spinning off-course; but you’re in fact NOT spinning off-course at all. You’re going sane. You’re getting BACK on course to finally achieve true freedom and magic.

Don’t fight it.

It is all about the BODY.

You CANNOT, I repeat, CANNOT feed your mind and expect your life to shift right now. We are being taken over by the Alchemist, and we must begin to study bodywork, activation and alchemy. The power of shifting the worlds in your body to ultimately affect the 3D grid is unmatched. Even by the mind.

Anyone still talking about mindset work needs to look at the New codes. We cannot hunt our mind fields anymore. You HAVE to unhook yourself from old constructs. The Scorpion is unforgiving about this. This means releasing even the reason you go to work every day and ask yourself the really hard questions.

This is a PRIME / PRIMAL opportunity. Quit that job and become an astrologer. Release the stable, boring relationship that doesn’t bring you ULTIMATE euphoria and take the risk with where your heart truly lies. Tell your family you’re a closet-witch-no-more.

Magic isn’t crazy anymore. They are.

And with that, I welcome you to my brand new program.

Ride your Spine to New Earth Consciousness

Styx is a deep 4-week program that will not only invite you into the frequency of your ultimate unhooking, but show you the magic that sits on the other side.

We begin May 18.

Week One – The River Styx training | Body Activation: Empress Activation

Week Two: Hades & Your Body training | Body Activation: Pluto Activation

Week Three: The Test training | Body Activation: Pineal Activation

Week Four: Quantum Gateway training | Body Activation: Alien Spine Activation



If you’re a Liquid Gold Society member, you have a special discount. Email us at to grab it.

Meet Sonika Asif

Indulgent Alchemist

Well-known for her ability to make even the most magical spiritual teachings practical and applicable to everyday life, Sonika has spent years working closely with true masters in the field of spirituality and the Law of Attraction. 

As she traveled deeper through the spirituality wormhole, she discovered the magic of archetypal consciousness and realized one of the core missing links to manifestation. She stepped out from under her mentors and set off to build her own business, using the power of archetypes, astrology and bodywork. This resulted in a multi-million dollar business in a matter of months. 

Today she teaches clients the process of archetypal alchemy in order to build a successful business, master the art of manifestation and quantum leap their sales.

Meet Naveed Asif

Fool Evolved

After eight years of diving deep into the Law of Attraction world and working with the best in the personal development industry, Naveed is here to share his journey with you on how he built and escaped his own mental prison which created multiple instances of analysis-paralysis and countless days of waking up with anxiety trying to achieve goal after goal.

He has learned the pitfalls and mistakes that kept him in the prison of his own mind and understood what it means to have TRUE freedom in designing your own life; one that you get to be insanely excited about. Naveed will show you how to break through all the rules that have kept you from fully expressing your true Genius self and what it means to manifest abundance by simply showing up authentically in the world. He’s here to help you create YOUR world stage – your way.

Meet Sylvia Swann


After a decade of working with celebrities & influencers, Sylvia left her career as a TV director & producer to penetrate deeper beyond the veil than anyone before her and apply her energy skills to the realm of Creation. In the process of developing her abilities as a healer, seer and activator she began studying with Sonika and Naveed, and the rest is history.

From working privately with spiritual entrepreneurs on consciousness expansion and cult-status business energetics, Sylvia has now stepped in as Diviner. She specializes in energy body hacking and prophetic dream design using archetypal alchemy.

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